6 Benefits of putting a 50 BMG Upper Receiver on a AR-15 Lower Receiver

1.  Cost Savings: Building a 50 BMG rifle from scratch can be very expensive, but using an AR-15 lower receiver can save money compared to purchasing a complete rifle.

2.  Customizability: By using an AR-15 lower, you can choose the grip and stock options to customize your firearm to your liking.

3.  Familiarity: Many gun owners are already familiar with the AR-15 platform, so using an AR-15 lower for a 50 BMG upper receiver can allow them to use a familiar platform for a different caliber.

4.  Accuracy:  Big Kahuna Guns starts with a Lothar Walther Barrel, precision machined for accuracy. 

5.  Protection & Self Defense:  The 50 BMG cartridge can penetrate armor and barriers, stop a vehicle, and defend against heavily armored targets.

6. Long Range & Hunting: The 50 BMG can take down large animals with ease. It is a popular round for hunting big game like elk, moose, and bear. In some states, the 18.5” and 22” barrel uppers are popular with local hog hunters.

At Big Kahuna Guns, we’re 100% Family owned & operated!

We choose the best quality products, starting with Lothar Walther barrels, then make all the components of the 50 BMG ‘Raptor 50′ at our manufacturing facility in Odessa, Florida.

This allows us to control the quality, and make it an affordable way to convert your AR-15 to a 50 BMG. In today’s times, every responsible firearm owner should have their own 50 BMG!


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