33 Brand New Rifles Just Released For 2024!

We’re not yet done with our coverage of this year’s SHOT Show. Today we’re hitting the ground running with our most extensive showcase yet, featuring the newest sporting rifles to grace the market. Our list is set to be the longest and most detailed of them all, dwarfing even our coverage on the newest SMGs, lever guns, bolt actions, revolvers, pistols, et cetera. Oh, side note, if you haven’t seen any of those videos yet, you really should.

Going back, we’re talking the newest top-of-the-line innovative rifle designs that cater to every shooter’s preference. So, make sure you’re comfortable, because this is going to be one very long video with our list of the latest and greatest in sporting rifles. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

01:07 American Defense M4 MOD-1
01:55 Anderson Manufacturing AM-15 Frontline
02:59 Angstadt Arms Vanquish 9
03:47 Battle Arms Development DARC6
05:01 Battle Arms Workhorse LT
06:05 Bilson Arms BA-15FC
07:05 Bishop Ammunitions and Firearms M16A1S
08:05 Bushmaster Retro
09:04 Daniel Defense PCC
10:00 Desert Tech Infinity 16
10:48 Desert Tech WLVRN Bullpup
11:52 Diamondback Firearms DB9R TG-NINE
12:49 Genesis 8.6mm PDW
13:49 Global Ordnance Monolith
14:54 Great Lakes Firearms GL10 LA
15:45 H&R 9mm DOE AR
16:41 HM Defense Stealth MS Series Rifles
17:39 Knights Armament KS-1
18:37 LMT Ultra-Compact .300 BLK Monolithic PDW
19:31 LWRC IC-9
20:28 PTR Industries PTR-63
21:24 Primary Weapons Systems UXR
22:31 Rock River Arms BT2 ATR
23:38 Rock River Arms RRA .17 HMR
24:36 Ruger LC Carbine .45 ACP
25:29 Show Low Blackjack
26:24 Wraith Warp-15
27:13 Zastava M72 RPK
27:58 Zastava ZPAP M70
28:30 Zastava M77 DMR Package
29:29 Zastava ZP85 Rifle
30:07 M90 Full Size AK
31:02 Zenith ZF-56

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